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Law and Technology for Growth

We are a Virtual Research Hub focused on exploring the impact of the synergy between law, policy and technology on (the future of) work in Africa.

Sustainable Development Goals 1, 4 & 8


Our mission is to ensure that the Future of Work in Africa works for Africa and not against her.

We are a Virtual Research Hub focused on exploring the impact of the synergy between our laws, policies and technologies on (the future of) work in Africa. We aim to get the continent discussing all things Future of Work, from all angles of it and with action-focused optimism for our greater good.

The Space Hub is a platform created to support and promote dialogues and decisions on the Future of Work in Africa. We believe that by exploring and discovering how the synergy between our laws, polices and technologies work for our benefit, we can strategically shape a greater Future of Work for Africa.

To be the foremost platform driving the Future of Work in Africa.


The impact of Technology on our future in Africa is undeniably great, so also is the importance of having relevant laws and policies put in place to ensure our technologies work for us. When you seek the best insight into Future of Work matters particularly as it affects key decision making in various industries, the implications of technologies and policies development on the African continent, think of the Space Hub.


Our Values are our Culture. Our Culture is what sets us apart. We are excellence driven in the pursuit of our cause.


This is our foundational value. We always think like there is no box. We intend to bring new ideas and to be highly creative in our approach to helping people understand how they can better engage our laws, policies and interract with our technologies so as to exponentially capitalizing on the Future of Work in Africa.


As a result of our unending enthusiasm for learning and exploring more ways for people to leverage the Law and Technology in the promising Future of Work, our works, contents and services always come from a passion-driven mindset.


As global Citizens, our initiative is focused on promoting wide-range international collaborations,  fostering unity and most importantly, advancing the integration of Africa’s systems and institutions with that of other continents. Providing a platform for conversations that will encourage the sharing and designing of a progressive Future of Work in Africa, to the advantage of Humanity as a whole, the Space Hub is on the right path.


We love growth so much so that we are always eager to hear other people’s perspectives on how we can improve our approach to achieving our aim. We frequently engage in discussions with various Future of Work Experts and the Stakeholders in the legal and technology industries in Africa.


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