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Law and Technology for Growth

About Us

‘The fulfillment I always derive from ordinarily witnessing growth occasioned by the relationship that exists between the Law and Technology, (and even greater fulfillment when I am an active part of it) and the impact it has on the Employment situation in Nigeria and beyond, motivated me to create the Initiative called the Space Hub as a platform to explore and discover even more ways this relationship can be maximized. No doubt this relationship fascinates me, and I have made a choice to give enough room to accommodate my passion.’ – Ijidolapo Ijwoye, Founder/Project Initiator

Born out of passion to eradicate Youth Unemployment and Poverty in Nigeria, the Space Hub was established as a vehicle to engage innovative means founded on core values such as open-mindedness, global patriotism. Recognizing the impact of Technology and relevant Laws in our society today, we solely believe that a better understanding of how to leverage these two (Technology and Law) will drastically reduce and eventually eradicate Youth Unemployment and Poverty.

We are committed to publishing contents that serve as guides for people who may be seeking answers to some of the questions today raised by the relationship that exists between the Law and Technology. We aim to be the foremost platform for effectively maximizing Law and Technology. Our contents also provide insights into some general aspects of Law and aspects of Technology, with respect to how one can maximize the changes rapidly occurring in those areas.

We also frequently engage in conversations with the various Stakeholders in both industries to discuss and advocate policies that would ensure the promotion of Employment creation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and not hinder it.

We believe it is one thing to meet and connect with other people generally and it is another thing to be more intentional in such connections to the extent that one discovers one’s ‘Community of Interest’ and makes deliberate effort to identify and network with other ‘members’ of one’s ‘Community of Interest’, with value exchange in mind . As a result of our strong belief in ‘Improved Human Networking’ in one’s ‘Community of Interest’ as a means to eradicate Youth Unemployment and Poverty, we organize and create platforms for people to engage and build lasting valuable relationships, while
also educating them on how to build such relationships.

We at the Space Hub also intend to motivate and inspire our audience by celebrating individuals or groups who have made notable contributions to the development of either the Law or the Technology Industry in Nigeria and Internationally. We highlight their contributions, analyze them and provide our audience with invaluable lessons that can be emulated. This is done in the ‘History Highlights’ section of our Website.

We also commit to engaging in community projects to enlighten people on how to maximize the Law and Technology, and also supporting and partnering with other establishments that foster this cause.


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